Bee Kind Winery
Producer of Kind Wines! Located Off I-80 Behind Dunkin Donuts!

BIG NEWS!! We are Expanding to Tyrone, PA!! Opening Our Second Bee Kind Winery Retail Location - Friday July 14th, 2017  in Tyrone, PA.
9 West 10th St, Tyrone, PA - Click for Map and Directions!!

Tyrone Retail Phone: 814-762-7438

Tyrone Store Hours: Tuesday & Wednesday - 12PM - 6PM : Thursday - 12PM - 7PM : Friday & Saturday - 11AM - 7PM

Bee Kind Winery's new retail location 14325 Clearfield Shawville Highway Clearfield, PA 16830 - Click Here for DirectionsNo longer at 525 Carbon Mine Rd.

Our Wine Is Now Available at Weis Makets in Bellefonte, PA - Mill Hall, PA - Selinsgrove, PA - Sunbury, PA, Lewisburg, PA - Also Coming Soon To: State College Weis Market, Hills Plaza

Also Available at Harrisburg, PA Farm Show Complex Open Air Market on Tuesday & Fridays and at Saturdays Market in Middletown, PA

  Wine Name Description Price Call for Availability 
  Steely Run Red  Wonderful Dry Carménère grape wine  $25.99  
  Bone Dry Red  Blend of east coast red grape varieties.  $12.99  
  Bone Dry White  Blend of east coast white grape varieties.  $12.99  
  Bone Dry Rosé  Summer Sipping at it’s best. Garden fresh and citrus spiciness.  $12.99  
  Dry Riesling Aromatic Dry Style Riesling, notes of honey, apples & fig $15.99  
  Bee Melo Dry Honey Fruit Wine $22.99  
  Baco Noir  Semi-dry red french hybrid grape.  $12.99  
  Edelweiss Distinct floral notes, with hints of passion and starfruit. $12.99  
  Vidal Blanc Medium White wine with complex acidity and fruity hints of peach and yellow plum.  $11.99  
  Cayuga Sauvignon Blanc like profile highlights this East Coast grape wine. $11.99  
  Stueben  Wine maker’s favorite! Medium sweetness with earthy spicy notes.  $11.99  
  Bald Eagle Blush Sweet Lake Erie Island Blush $11.99  
  House White  100% Niagara  $10.99  
  Pink Catawba  Pink grapefruit like flavor that finishes with a mixed citrus finish.  $10.99  
  Susquehanna Red  50/50 Concord Niagara blend  $10.99  
  Cranberry Blush A semi-sweet wine that is fresh & fruity with bright juicy cranberry flavors.  $12.99  
  Diamond  Grapey, top selling, sweet white wine.  $11.99  
  Aurora  Sweet white grape with hints of peach  $13.99  
  Bee Melo Sweet Honey Fruit Wine $22.99  
  Vignoles Sweet white wine bursting with notes of pineapple and mango.  $15.99  
  Rails to Trails Red The marriage of east coast red and white grapes produce this best selling sweet wine!  $11.99  
  Camp Red 100% Concord Goodness!  $10.99  
  Riesling Sweet American style, sweet Riesling with notes of honey, apples & figs $15.99  
  Sweet Red 100% Hearty Sweet Red $11.99  
  Bee Fruity Blackberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, and 2 grapes are blended together for this sweet and juicy flavor.  $16.99  
  Bee Berry Black 100% blackberry sweetened with wildflower honey; dark and delicious dessert wine  $17.99  
  Bee Berry Blue 100% blueberry sweetened with wildflower honey  $16.99  
  Bee Berry Red 100% raspberry like eating raspberry's right off the bush  $16.99