Bee Kind Winery
Producer of Kind Wines! Located Off I-80 exit 120 in Clearfield PA - Behind Dunkin Donuts!

Clearfield Store - Call for Appointment and Pickup Instructions - 814-577-5761

14325 Clearfield-Shawville Hwy, Clearfield PA

 Ligonier Store - Email for Appointment and Pickup Instructions -

221 West Main Street Ligonier, PA 15658

  Wine Name Description   Call for Pricing and Availability
  Steely Run Red  Wonderful Dry Carménère grape wine    
  Bone Dry Red  Blend of east coast red grape varieties.    
  Bone Dry White  Blend of east coast white grape varieties.    
  Bone Dry Rosé  Summer Sipping at it’s best. Garden fresh and citrus spiciness.    
  Dry Riesling Aromatic Dry Style Riesling, notes of honey, apples & fig    
  Bee Melo Dry Honey Fruit Wine    
  Baco Noir  Semi-dry red french hybrid grape.    
  Edelweiss Distinct floral notes, with hints of passion and starfruit.    
  Vidal Blanc Medium White wine with complex acidity and fruity hints of peach and yellow plum.    
  Cayuga Sauvignon Blanc like profile highlights this East Coast grape wine.    
  Stueben  Wine maker’s favorite! Medium sweetness with earthy spicy notes.    
  Bald Eagle Blush Sweet Lake Erie Island Blush    
  House White  100% Niagara    
  Pink Catawba  Pink grapefruit like flavor that finishes with a mixed citrus finish.    
  Susquehanna Red  50/50 Concord Niagara blend    
  Cranberry Blush A semi-sweet wine that is fresh & fruity with bright juicy cranberry flavors.    
  Diamond  Grapey, top selling, sweet white wine.    
  Aurora  Sweet white grape with hints of peach    
  Bee Melo Sweet Honey Fruit Wine    
  Vignoles Sweet white wine bursting with notes of pineapple and mango.    
  Rails to Trails Red The marriage of east coast red and white grapes produce this best selling sweet wine!    
  Camp Red 100% Concord Goodness!    
  Riesling Sweet American style, sweet Riesling with notes of honey, apples & figs    
  Sweet Red 100% Hearty Sweet Red    
  Bee Fruity Blackberry, Blueberry, Cranberry, and 2 grapes are blended together for this sweet and juicy flavor.    
  Bee Berry Black 100% blackberry sweetened with wildflower honey; dark and delicious dessert wine    
  Bee Berry Blue 100% blueberry sweetened with wildflower honey    
  Bee Berry Red 100% raspberry like eating raspberry's right off the bush